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Carmen's favorite tale. An enlightening 32-mile day trek with a super hiker that was worth the knee damage.

Beside an old Toyota Camry, I find a slight fellow with a long gray grizzly beard, who was once blessed with the nickname “rattling bones” growing up in a small village in India. His wild beard is overshadowed by a kind, healthy face. It seems to exist beneath his epic whiskers like the sun emerging from a cloud.

For all the noble reasons for his journey, I most cherish a simple image: A boy and his bike, eager to explore, eager to find himself.

A Marine who lost his legs and long-term memory from a blast in Afghanistan cycles across the United States to support fellow veterans and their families.

“I think that’s what kept them going … that they each had the other one. They didn’t want to go without each other.”


And they didn’t.

A short story about a long love. Floyd & Violet Hartwig died within a few hours of each other at home after 67 years of marriage.

He’s spent his life pushing the limits of possible, skirting a moving line that separates pioneering from recklessness. He’s always trying to exist in this place.


But how do you find it? And how do you make sure you aren’t pushing it too far?


With a smile, Whitmore says simply: “You wing it.”

Meet George Whitmore, an influential conservationist on the first team to climb Yosemite National Park's iconic El Capitan in 1958.


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